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What is margin trading?

The first process of purchasing stocks is the direct trading in which the buyer will be able to pay the price in full amount. The second process in which the stocks can be purchased is by using a margin account.

In the margin account buying, the buyer does the job of paying a portion of the purchase price instead of the entire amount along with the broking charges to the margin provider.

The margin provider gives the pending amount instead of which he or she is liable to get the loan amount along with the interest percentage. Because the wire is getting the loan, he or she has to keep collateral as leverage.

In short, we can say that margin trading is one of the ways of buying stocks by not paying the full amount and only giving a marginal amount while keeping something as collateral.

It is good for the individuals who cannot purchase the stocks entirely on cash and has to get an investor to get the entire thing done. In the case of margin trading, the investors need to have the starting margin as well as the maintenance margin. The starting margin is actually needed by at least 50% in some of the countries which means the rest of the 50% can be borrowed from other lenders by keeping the acids collateral.

The lower the level of margin required, the more money can be borrowed from the other investors, what’s the minimum margin required is 25% in any country.

Margin trading is absolutely beneficial for a number of individual investors because they do not have to pay bulk amount right at the beginning. The brokers give a time period of at least 5 days after the margin call, what is the requirements are not met, then the loan will be the paid off after selling the stock.

What is short selling?

Short selling is another kind of reading in which the investor does not own any stock, but a share of it can be sold by him or her. The main purpose behind the short selling kind of trading is to have some kind of profit from the stocks if there is a decline in the price.

In the case of the short selling, the stocks can be bought back from the market at a lower price then the price in which it was sold.

The working mechanism of the short selling process is quite interesting, even though many of the investors have a hard time understanding it.

The investor Baroda stock from another investor why are the broker and sell it in the market after giving the brokerage amounts to the broker. After that, the buyer waits till the time the price of the stocks get declined and then they can buy the shares from the market to replace the ones that have already been bought.

The work of the short seller is to deposit quite an amount of money, which is also known as the margin along with keeping a Collateral as leverage so that the broker or the other investor does not have to go to any potential loss. You have to understand the difference between the two types of margin.

The initial margin is the amount that you will have to pay in the beginning when you are starting the treatment, and the maintenance margin is the amount to be paid as per the market value of shares after the initial trade process has already begun. The only thing that you have to remember is that this is a facility which is not viable in the Colombo stock market.

Following Are the Advantages of Margin Trading Over Short Selling

  • It is a good trading process for investors who are already experienced and have a thorough knowledge of the stock market patterns.
  • You will be able to make more profit with lower investment.
  • You will be able to buy more power without investing much money.
  • It is one of the most beneficial options for day traders who want to do multiple trading and have a higher volume of stocks.

Following Are the Downsides of Margin Trading

  • If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency trading, then this is not a good option for you.
  • You will have to pay more interest on the margin
  • The maintenance margin is the amount that you will always have to keep no matter what.
  • If the stock prices are falling, then the investors will have very little control.
  • Read this guide for more information.

It is very important to have a clear knowledge about the differences between margin trading and short selling so that you will be able to understand which option is feasible for you. Choose accordingly in order to get the desired results.

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