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  • Sold tokens: 93 190 467 / 111 M
  • Goes: 1-6 week of ICO
  • ICO final round 24 Jun 2018
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Do you know where it is more safe to drop the crypto currency? And why is it not profitable to do it at home, use the services of cloud mining or maintain your own mining farm?

Home mining requires constant attention. In addition, the miners are making a loud noise, which negatively affects the quality of life.

Cloud mining is extremely opaque: as a rule, its customers do not know the brand, model, serial number, energy consumption and performance of their equipment, breakdown of costs, pool names for mining and even the location of the mining farm.

Own farms require the army of specialists and the creation of a full-fledged business, which threatens with significant risks: any mistake can cost millions.

Third-party hosting is a viable alternative, but there is currently a serious shortage of these services: demand is much higher than supply.

A short video presentation of our big project


  • Each United Crypto Mining Group token (UCMG) entitles the United Crypto Mining Group to use the capacities of its mining partners without paying a rent for 5 years to accommodate the equivalent of 0.5 watts of energy for your miner. Token holders can use these capacities to host their own miners or to lease to other users. In fact, this is access to professional mining, but with an unprecedented low entry threshold.
  • The number of tokens needed to accommodate one miner is determined by its energy consumption. For example:
    Asic S9 (Power consumption – 1323 W +10%/ watt/h) need (1323 +10%) х 2 = 2911 tokens.
  • Why do you need tokens?
    The market price of one bitcoin $5892.1
    The cost of mining one bitcoin for UCMGT holders $3361


Terms on which to take calculations for the day of work of the miner on 14.02.2018:
The price of electricity – 0.08 USD
The maintenance price is 10% of the profit

  • Antminer S9-13.5TH/s/BTC
    $2.69 Electricity
    $0.747 Hosting Miner
    $6.72 Net profit
  • L3+, 504MH/s/Litecoin
    $1.54 Electricity
    $0.875 Hosting Miner
    $7.87 Net profit
  • Antminer S9-13.5TH/s/BCC
    $2.69 Electricity
    $0.844 Hosting Miner
    $7.59 Net profit
  • Antminer T9+ 10.5T/BTC
    $2.69 Electricity
    $0.58 Hosting Miner
    $5.22 Net profit
  • Antminer T9+ 10.5T/BTC
    $2.69 Electricity
    $0.597 Hosting Miner
    $5.37 Net profit
  • Antminer A3/Siacoin "Update from April 4, 2018 (electricity price $0.05)"
    $2.4 Electricity
    $3.83 Hosting Miner
    $34.47 Net profit
  • Antminer E3/Ethereum
    $0.96 Electricity
    $0.445 Hosting Miner
    $4.01 Net profit
  • Antminer X3/Monero
    $0.66 Electricity
    $13.18 Hosting Miner
    $118.03 Net profit
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070\ETH
    $0.29 Electricity
    $0.207 Hosting Miner
    $2.07 Net profit
  • AMD Radeon RX 580\ETH
    $0.36 Electricity
    $0.191 Hosting Miner
    $1.91 Net profit
  • AMD RX 480\ETH
    $0.29 Electricity
    $0.178 Hosting Miner
    $1.78 Net profit
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti\ETH
    $0.48 Electricity
    $0.187 Hosting Miner
    $1.87 Net profit
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti\ETH
    $0.35 Electricity
    $0.202 Hosting Miner
    $2.02 Net profit
  • Panda miner B3 Plus\ETH
    $2.64 Electricity
    $1.435 Hosting Miner
    $14.35 Net profit


Mining in currency:
to сommunity
and team
«Bounty» campaign


  • Cost of 1 token UCMG


  • Number of tokens offered for sale

    111M UCMG tokens

  • Utility Token type

    Ethereum ERC20 Standard

  • Number of tokens produced

    127,65M UCMG tokens

  • Accepted forms of payment

    Bitcoin ("BTC"), Ether ("ETH"), Litecoin ("LTC")

  • Adjustable emission

    All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible


+15 % ICO
28 May - 24 Jun ICO final round
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+3 % ICO
21 May - 27 May 6th week of ICO
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+6 % ICO
14 May - 20 May 5th week of ICO
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+9 % ICO
07 May - 13 May 4th week of ICO
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+12 % ICO
30 Apr - 06 May 3rd week of ICO
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+15 % ICO
23 Apr - 29 Apr 2nd week of ICO
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+18 % ICO
16 Apr - 22 Apr 1st week of ICO
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19 % Pre Sale
09 Apr - 15 Apr
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24 % Early Sale
02 Apr - 08 Apr
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User registration
26 Mar - 01 Apr
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26 Mar - 01 Apr User registration
02 Apr - 08 Apr Early Sale
Popular From 30 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +33 %

From 20 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +30 %

From 10 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +27 %

From 5 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +24 %

09 Apr - 15 Apr Pre Sale
Popular From 4 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +22 %

From 3 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +21 %

From 2 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +20 %

From 1 000 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +19 %

16 Apr - 22 Apr 1st week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +18 %

23 Apr - 29 Apr 2nd week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +15 %

30 Apr - 06 May 3rd week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +12 %

07 May - 13 May 4th week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +9 %

14 May - 20 May 5th week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +6 %

21 May - 27 May 6th week of ICO
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +3 %

28 May - 24 Jun ICO final round
From 1 UCMG

Tokens purchase amount

Bonus +15 %

Mining farms

18% left 350 370 Wt
MMG 2 000 000 Wt
38% left 1 902 700 Wt
CCN 5 000 000 Wt
13% left 321 650 Wt
MCA 2 500 000 Wt
12% left 305 800 Wt
Victoria 2 500 000 Wt
34% left 1 870 930 Wt
Rainbow 5 500 000 Wt
28% left 416 020 Wt
Kristal 1 500 000 Wt
350 370 Wt
1 427
1 902 700 Wt
1 409
321 650 Wt
1 395
305 800 Wt
1 301
1 870 930 Wt
1 154
416 020 Wt
1 075
  • General power: 5 000 МWt
  • Hosting cost for token holders: 2% от майнинга
  • Available power: 37% — 2 173 МWt
  • Tariff for electricity for token holders: 0.12 $/Wt
  • Currencies: BTC, ETH, DSH, XRC
  • Installation in: 2 days
  • Address: 2 days

Miners Shop

Siacoin A3+PSU 1186 Wt, 815 gH/s 0.09657 BTC 1.266907 ETH 569 $
Antminer L3+, 504MH/s+PSU 800 Wt, 0.504 gH/s 0.099964 BTC 1.311438 ETH 589 $
Antminer S9i-13.5TH/s+PSU 1323 Wt, 13500 gH/s 0.140697 BTC 1.84581 ETH 829 $
Antminer T9+10.5T+PSU 1323 Wt, 10500 gH/s 0.082823 BTC 1.086556 ETH 488 $
Antminer X3+PSU 550 Wt, 0.00022 gH/s 0.288352 BTC 3.782908 ETH 1699 $
Antminer E3+PSU, Batch 1 Shipping: 16-31 July 800 Wt, 0.18 gH/s 0.169549 BTC 2.224323 ETH 999 $
Antminer B3+PSU 396 Wt, 7.6E-7 gH/s 0.288352 BTC 3.782908 ETH 1699 $
Antminer S9i-14TH/s+PSU 1323 Wt, 14000 gH/s 0.152577 BTC 2.001668 ETH 899 $
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 150 Wt, 0.032 gH/s 0.067888 BTC 0.89062 ETH 400 $
AMD Radeon RX 580 185 Wt, 0.0308 gH/s 0.064493 BTC 0.846089 ETH 380 $
AMD RX 480 185 Wt, 0.02904 gH/s 0.037338 BTC 0.489841 ETH 220 $
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 250 Wt, 0.0318 gH/s 0.118803 BTC 1.558585 ETH 700 $
Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti 180 Wt, 0.03132 gH/s 0.076373 BTC 1.001948 ETH 450 $
PandaMiner B3 Plus+PSU 1250 Wt, 0.22 gH/s 0.458071 BTC 6.009459 ETH 2699 $


Non EA vital things that we hope to
complete by the end of Q1 2018


These are things we MUST do before leavingearly access.

2/2 - 100% complete
  • Full launch of the platform with the ability to purchase tokens, mining equipment, sending of mining equipment to the farm and launch of mining.
  • Establish partnerships with five power suppliers to install mining equipment at 5MW + capacity.

Non EA vital things that we hope to complete by the end of Q1 2018

  • Installation of partnerships with suppliers of capacities for installation of mining equipment at 25MW + capacity.
  • Creating your own mining bitcoin pool.
  • Development of a mobile application for convenient management of its mining equipment.
  • Launching your own decentralized exchange platform.

Things we want to do, but haven't put any particular date on.. we just know that they'll happen when we leave Early Access.

  • To enter into partnership with suppliers of capacities for placing mining equipment in every technologically advanced country in the world.
  • Adhere to the ideology of a decentralized crypto community and make mining simple and accessible to every crypto enthusiast.
  • Development of its own mining bitcoin pool and achieving a level of 3% of the total capacity of the network.


Dr. Laurent Nyen

CSO, graduate from Ecole Polytechnique France - PhD Degree. Data Scientist Manager at EY Paris France, he has more than 10 years of experiences in data consulting services for big international corporates. His role is to help EZ Solution to build a better data-driven business strategy.

Jonas Ahlstroem - Smart Contract Developer

Jonas has been around in the crypto-sphere for the past 3 years. He is the co-founder and main developer of huge amount of blockchain projects. Currently, he is finishing his bachelor’s degree in informatics at the University of Vienna. He will be developing the upcoming UCMG platform and helping with the design of the Smart Contract.

Lars-Goran Rickardsson - Technical Director

An expert in hardware supply, network infrastructure, server migrations and energy supply. He started his own profitable mining business back in 2012. In 2017, he joined UCMG as CTO and is responsible for the technology and cryptographic strategy.

Mathias Johansson - Business Development

Over 15 years in business development for technology startups, including sales, marketing, strategic development, partnerships, consulting and executive management. Specialist in customer and partner relationship management and monetization

Petter Bjork - CFO & Co-founder

Management Consultant / Interim Manager Focusing on Human, Organizational and Operational Development Documented long experience of achieving results, developing organizations and employees in international environments, as well as leading transformations, building and retrieval processes.

Petter Lundgren - CEO

14 years of experience in the financial markets, 7 years as a trader / analyst in hedge funds, 5 years in investment banks, specialized in structuring and selling derivatives. An expert in distressed asset evaluation and hedging risks. Serial entrepreneur and investor.


Denny Oh - Corporate Investment Advisor

Investment Analyst with close connections to Private Capital in both the FIAT and Cryptocurrency Markets.

Dipesh K Sharma - Derivatives Advisor

Veteran Derivatives Project Manager from the FinTech Industry. Extensive derivatives product development and pricing experience.

Glynn Farrow - Blockchain Advisor

Software Consultant and Blockchain Developer with industry experience and ties to numerous blockchain developments.

James Murray - Exchange Advisor

18 year experienced e-FX Broker and High Frequency liquidity provider with a solid track record of developing FX agency desks and a Prime of Prime offering in London and New York. Cross asset experience with a structured project management skillset.

Kristaps Silins - Strategy advisor

Kristaps is one of the region's most distinguished brand strategists, having worked with 75+ brands across Europe, with recent campaigns in Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. His work has been featured in international media, including the New York Times. More than 20 advertising excellence awards, including the "Strategy Oscar"-the Golden Euro EFFIE in 2014-makes Kristaps the most awarded strategist in the Baltics. Forbes Magazine has also recognized Kristaps in its 30 Under 30 ranking in 2015.

Timur Temishev - Sanofi Group

A wave of start-ups that run their own token-based ICOs is upon us for sure. Unfortunately, many of them are nothing more than beautiful ideas not grounded in reality. Unlike them, UCMG converts virtual money into real hardware, real ASIC chips. UCMG token holders didn’t just buy an idea wrapped in promises, they bought a share in a mining farm. They will have income for as long as this equipment is working. To my mind, it is one of the most honest and reliable market offers.

Partners and Escrow

Steven Hamilton

The escrow officers of the Iron Mountain Incorporated. Hase more than 10 years of experience of providing escrow services to the private firms and companies

Michael Terpin

The most prominent blockchain PR firm. Conducted campaigns for more than 20 successful ICOs and token launches.

Paige Freeman

One of the most experienced companies on the market specializing in smart contract development and audit.

All rised during the UCMG tokens initial offer funds sent to an escrow account (funds received in the crypto-currency are initially converted into US dollars). The funds are issued from the account in batches, with the addition of new mining farm capacities into the UCMG network.


Once I buy the UCMG token what exactly do I own?

You are buying UCMG token. UCMG token is an Ethereum token representing the right to use the UCMG's capacities, rent-free for 5 years, to accommodate 0.5 Watt’s worth of mining equipment power consumption. Essentially, this is access to professional mining – with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold. In fact, it could be compared to membership in an elite private mining club.

Are UCMG Tokens securities? Do they yield dividends?

No, UCMG Tokens are not securities and do not yield dividends.

Why should I consider buying UCMG Tokens?

UCMG tokens offer you the opportunity to build your own flexible business: In the next 5 years you will be free to choose what works best for you – to mine cryptocurrencies personally or to rent out your tokens and receive rental income. Buying our product gives you the following advantages:

  • - Owning the world's first token supported by production capacity;
  • - UCMG tokens can be used from the very first date of issue.
  • - Facility has a 5-year lifecycle (compared to 2.5 years for miners, due to constant increase in mining difficulty)
  • - Opportunity to receive income from renting tokens out to others rather than engage in mining personally.
Why should I consider mining with UCMG Tokens?

We offer you the opportunity to build your personal business on mining. You gain access to professional mining – with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold and ongoing costs. Here are just a few advantages for miners:

  • - You can save up to 59% costs on mining
  • - You can increase mining income
  • - You can balance your mining risks
  • - On-site service center: no more waiting for repairs abroad.
  • - Complete transparency.
What are the main differences between your product and cloud mining?

First and foremost it is transparency. UCMG's partners facilities is a real-life tangible projects which you can tour if you attend the Open House, depending on the farm you chosen for mining. UCMG's customers own the specific equipment: They know their serial numbers and can see them on the shelves in the unit. Another advantage is that UCMG's customers pay extremely low effective electricity and maintenance fees, depending on the farm you chosen for mining.

You talk about the project's 5-year lifetime. Where does this number come from?

UCMG tokens are backed by the real-life UCMG's facility, which consists of structures, wiring, shelving etc. – all elements up to the power outlet. Average facility lifecycle is 5 years.

What do you mean by “up to power outlet”?

The easiest test to determine which equipment belongs to the facility (and is therefore backed up by UCMG tokens), and which is auxiliary equipment that token holders will need to procure to mine cryptocurrencies in addition to (or instead of) renting out their tokens, is the separation into "up to the power outlet" and "after the power outlet". All components up to the power outlet – such as buildings, transformers, wiring, shelving, etc. – are parts of the processing facility, and UCMG tokens ensure the right to use its capacities. Everything "after the power outlet" – such as ASIC or GPU miners and PSUs – belongs to UCMG's customers-token holders or to persons who rent the facility capacities from UCMG or UCMG token holders.

How to use UCMG tokens?

Tokens can be used in two ways: to host your own equipment and to rent out to UCMG's customers. If you rent out your tokens, your income will depend on the rental fee you set (5.1-7.2 ¢/kW/h).If the tokens are used to host your own equipment, you will be able to save 56-66% of mining expenses (depending on mining volume and the farm you chosen for mining). For more detailed estimate please use our calculator at https://ucmg.io.

Are UCMG tokens ERC20 transferrable? Can I transfer them to ETH wallet?

UCMG tokens comply with ERC20 but in order to accommodate your miners or to be rented out they have to be stored in your UCMG account. So if you transfer them to your wallet the system will no longer apply your token holder rate to your miners or to miners of your renter.

Can I use some of my UCMG tokens for my own needs (to save money when mining) and rent some of them out?

Definitely! The service allows for any combination of available options and in no way restricts how you choose to use your UCMG tokens.

Will Bitcoin rate affect my income from renting my tokens out?

There is no direct correlation, but there is an indirect one, although it is pretty limited. If bitcoin rate is low, the demand for its mining may drop. As a result, there may be a decline in the number of UCMG's renters engaged in bitcoin mining. But the fact that our facility can be used to mine various cryptocurrencies will minimize this risk: tokens could be rented out to miners of other cryptocurrencies.

Can you describe the process by which a holder of UCMGs would arrange “renting out the tokens"? Is this an arrangement between the token holder and the miner? Or does UCMG find miners willing to rent tokens?

UCMG's web site will serve as a marketplace on which token holders and miners can find each other. The system will show matching offers.

Is there a minimum amount of funds you need to raise? What will happen if you fail to raise it?

There is no minimum amount: we already have partners that provide there capacities for the installation of mining equipment and the new capacities for the installation of mining equipment will be constantly added. This is why we can issue tokens for as low capacity as we need.

Is there a cap on the amount of raised funds?

The cap is set at 111 million tokens.

What's the minimum entrance threshold?

Minimum lot is 1 token (0.5 USD + bonus, depending on purchase date).

Will there be a presale of UCMG tokens?

Yes. Presale will start on March, 2018 and will be offered for purchases of over 10,000 tokens.

In which currencies do you accept payments?

We accept BTC and ETH.

Will there be a bounty program? What will the rewards be for?

We are planning a small bounty program which we will announce later. Please follow the news on our official resources.

Who distributes UCMG's tokens, and how quickly will I get them after the end of UCMG Token Launch?

UCMG tokens are distributed by ucmg.io The first batch of tokens will be distributed on April-May, 2018. Subsequent batches will be distributed within 7 business days after the new capacities are put into operation. Mining capacities and UCMG tokens are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

How can I make a payment? How long does the payment take? What are your fees and charges?

You can pay by transferring money from any wallet in BTC or ETH. The funds are credited to your personal account on UCMG platform, from which you can pay for tokens purchased through the UCMG token launch.

We do not charge transaction fee. But they may be charged by third parties who transfer the funds. When paying in cryptocurrencies, transaction fee is charged by the relevant blockchain's infrastructure. You set its amount, and the transaction speed is determined by the transaction fee you have set.

What is UCMG?

UCMG is a full-service mining solution provider offering full range of mining services from equipment sales, maintenance and repair to private blockchain servicing.

Does UCMG only mine bitcoins?

UCMG mines all scalable cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, SC, BCH, ZEC, ETC, ZCL, BTG, ZEN. The decision of what currency to mine is made by the customers who own the mining equipment.

Which pools does UCMG use?

Right now UCMG uses Slush Pool to mine BitCoin, NanoPool for Ethereum, Suprnova for DashCoin, Viabtc for BitCoin Cash and LitecoinPool for LTC, and others. But in the future the list of pools may grow.

What does UCMG's service center do? Does it charge for repairs?

UCMG repairs the equipment on site, which saves time and ensures higher earnings during the lifecycle of your equipment. The repairs are paid separately, and their cost depends on the nature of the breakdown.

Can I host my mining equipment with UCMG without buying the tokens?

This option is unavailable for now.

I would like to use tokens to accommodate my own miners at UCMG's facility. Where can I see the mining numbers?

Mining efficiency calculator can be found at https://ucmg.io/ (enter the number of miners of your model, and the efficiency calculation will be automatically displayed underneath the table listing the miners and their specs). Many independent calculators are also available.

When can I tour UCMG partner's facilities?

UCMG partner's capasities holds Open House days. You can sign up at [email protected]

How can I choose the facility to start mining?

UCMG's web site provides a list of available for miners installation farms, which are our official partners.

What are the fees of the facilities?

The price of maintenance, electricity fees and location of capacity are indicated when choosing a farm on UCMG's web site.

What is the IMO (Initial Mining Offering) package?

IMO (Initial Mining Offering) package is a specially developed product for citizens of countries in which participation in the ICO is prohibited at the legislative level. The price of these packages includes the price of one miner + the price of the right to use the capacity of chosen farm for 5 years.

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  • 1 BTC = 11784 tkn
  • 1 ETH = 898 tkn
+15% bonus Buy tokens